August 20, 2014

Carousell x Vintage Market Days, 29-30 August @ Lapangan Blok S Jakarta

Online shopping sudah biasa banget dilakukan masyarakat Indonesia sekarang ini, apalagi sejak kemunculan smartphone di mana para sellers bisa berjualan hanya dengan memotret barang dagangannya lalu meng-upload foto beserta keterangan ke akun-akun media social seperti Facebook dan Instagram. Sellers bisa berjualan dengan super praktis, dan bisa menjangkau calon buyers-nya dengan mudah karena fitur-fitur sosial yang tersedia di Facebook/Instagram (follow, like, share, comment, Instagram repost… that’s why social medias became sellers’ fave place to start their business. Free marketing with high effectiveness!).

Tapiii seperti yang kita tahu media-media sosial tersebut memang ditujukan untuk kegiatan bersosialisasi saja, bukan untuk jualan, sehingga terdapat ketidaknyamanan yang harus dirasakan sellers dan juga buyers ketika melakukan jual-beli di sana. Contohnya, di Instagram, barang-barang yang dijual sangat tidak terorganisir sehingga buyers kesulitan untuk menemukan barang yang benar-benar dicarinya. Banyak sellers yang mengakalinya dengan menggunakan hashtag seperti #jualsepatu, #jualbaju, etc., tapi tentunya tidak semua sellers menggunakan hashtag tersebut atau malah ada yang salah menggunakan hashtag, belum lagi ditambah dengan spammers yang “nebeng promosi” dengan menggunakan hashtag yang sama… otomatis, buyers tetap kesulitan walaupun sudah mencari lewat hashtag. Bukan hanya itu, para sellers harus rela kontak pribadinya tersebar demi bisa berkomunikasi dengan buyers dan mengalami “banjir chat” di kontak pribadinya.

Terus, kok sosmed tetap jadi andalan sellers? Sekarang kan ada banyak situs yang khusus buat jual-beli online seperti o* dan bern* Yup, mereka emang dikhususkan untuk jual-beli tapi sayang mereka tidak sepraktis Instagram misalnya, yang tinggal jepret-upload-jepret-upload.

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Menjawab kebutuhan tersebut, kini ada Carousell: Snap, List, Sell yang bisa kamu download GRATIS di Appstore dan Playstore! Carousell dengan misinya “Inspire millions to start selling” merupakan app pertama yang dikhususkan untuk jual-beli barang apa saja (ada 16 kategori) dengan kemudahan dan fitur-fitur sosial seperti yang ditawarkan Facebook/Instagram. Bedanya, di sini buyers bisa berbelanja dengan nyaman karena semua listings terorganisir PLUS tersedia fitur chat pribadi di mana sellers dan buyers bisa langsung berkomunikasi! Kamu cukup snap barang jualanmu, list (upload) ke Carousell, dan barangmu pun sudah “terpasarkan” ;D

Sebagai soft launching, Carousell bersama 65 fashion & food tenants will be joining forces at Vintage Market Days! Akan ada 10 top fashion bloggers (5 bloggers di hari pertama dan 5 bloggers di hari kedua. Aku sendiri akan buka booth di hari kedua!) dan juga Komunitas Jadul Jakarta yang akan berjualan authentic vintage items (if you’re looking for REAL vintage, this is the perfect bazaar for you!!). Selain itu Vintage Market Days akan diramaikan oleh komunitas pecinta sepeda vintage dan vendor-vendor kendaraan vintage lainnya (senang ngeliat mobil retro? Harus ke sini) yang akan konvoi dari Monas!

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What’s more exciting is, 10 booths for fashion tenants are still available so SIGN UP NOW!!! Hanya Rp.700.000,- per booth untuk 2 HARI PENUH! Email atau hubungi Xpro: 021 638 631 59 / Andrew: 0899 0880 998.

Vintage Market Days
Jumat, 29 Agustus – Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2014
10:00 - 20:00 WIB
Lapangan Blok S
Jalan Suryo, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180
65 Fashion & Food booths

Meanwhile, you can check my online garage sale at :D I’ve listed some of my stuffs there!

August 12, 2014

Review: Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask (@official_kissindo / @kissjakarta)

If you’re interested to beauty trends, I’m sure this product is familiar to you. Yup, Thailand beauty products are so booming lately, and Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask is one of the hottest :)) I got to know this through some Instagram-based stores and beauty blogs but at first I was not interested to try it AT ALL, because I thought it was only for whitening (I’m already good with my light-medium skin tone although it’s not so even). Then I got contacted to try this South East Asia’s best-selling cream mask for free for review purpose, so I gave it a try for almost a month… and I’m glad that I tried it :)) Here I try to provide all the important information about the product. All the information provided is based on my personal experience and credible sources :)

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What it claims
(On the box:) “The overnight cream mask that restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to all skin types. Formulated with collagen extract, alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts, the cream mask diminishes the appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities. GMP certified.”
(Additions by the marketers:) “FDA certified. Helps reduce acne and acne scar.”

Ingredients: see the picture of the back-side of the box

One word for its packaging design: Sophisticated!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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I really love the idea of jar-with-pump packaging for liquid skincare products. Don’t need to bother using spatula to scoop the cream out or worrying over the bacteria that can contaminate your cream every time you dip your fingers into it. Just pump it-pump it-pump it babe. Very hygienic ❤ (the “jar-with-pump” *duh what to call it* can also be opened like any other jar so you can scoop the last dollops of your cream with spatula/fingers [I recommend spatula] if they can’t be pumped out anymore. Zero waste, yay!)

Texture & scent
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The texture is more to thick and creamy but it’s very easy to apply. It spreads evenly and absorbs just fine, not sticky at all.
About the scent – it has a “perfumed-likely” scent that may be a turn off for those who don’t like perfumed skincare, but please note that it could just be the natural scent of the ingredients, not artificial scent. I personally think that the scent is really nice and soft, it reminds me of baby cologne :D

Directions of use
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Note: The box says it’s recommended to be used twice a week.
@official_kissindo & @kissjakarta recommend you to NOT use this cream mask with other product (e.g. night cream/serum) in order to maximize its work on your skin. But yes you can use cleansing products before applying the cream mask.

This is the first Thai skincare product that I try and I looove it. Like what I’ve mentioned, at first I was not interested to try it AT ALL, because I thought it was only for whitening (I’m already good with my light-medium skin tone although it’s not so even. My current skin problems are acne and acne scar).

After I tried it for almost a month, it turned out to be one of my holy grail beauty products! My skin looks healthier, supple and slightly brighter every time I wake up in the morning after overnight use. I’d say that the most visible effect is the suppleness, thanks to the collagen!

Not like any other skincare product that makes my skin “smooth” but also leaves tight-feeling to my skin (read: DRYING), Kiss Whitening Collagen Cream Mask makes my skin smooth and moist. That’s what your skin should be if it’s really nourished and moisturized. I’m amazed by that fact, remembering that this cream mask also exfoliates your skin (many of exfoliating products that I’ve tried made my skin dehydrated).

I think it also helps reduce acnes and prevent new ones to come out! I’m so happy that it actually works for my actual skin problem :’D (even if it doesn’t help reduce my acnes I’d be happy just with the fact that it doesn’t cause breakouts lol) To prove it I encouraged myself to upload the before-after close-ups of my problematic chin skin:

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YAYs :
❤ Very hygienic packaging!
❤ It doesn’t cause breakouts (on my skin)
❤ It makes my skin slightly brighter, supple and looks healthier (this is true cause I CHECK MY FACE A LOT :p)
❤ It makes my skin smooth and moist instead of smooth-with-a-tight-feeling (read: DRYING)
❤ It actually helps reduce acne and prevent new ones to come out
❤ Suitable to all skin types

NAYs :
☻ Pricey (but totally worth it!!). Thank God I got mine for free :p
☻ The fact that it has a “perfumed-likely” scent may be a turn off for those who don’t like perfumed skincare, but please note that it could just be the natural scent of the ingredients, not artificial scent

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Anyway, please beware of the fake ones!! Go to @official_kissindo / @kissjakarta (top sellers of Thai skincare products) Instagram page to learn how to distinguish the fake and genuine ones.

Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask comes in 2 sizes:

15ml (like mine) – Rp. 300.000,- at @official_kissindo / @kissjakarta
30ml – Rp. 450.000,- at @official_kissindo / @kissjakarta

You can also buy the sample sachet at @official_kissindo / @kissjakarta or get it for free by following and liking their feeds (the winner will be picked randomly)!

I’d say that they’re the Thai skincare products sellers that offer the best deals because they deliver promotional program every month + THEY SHIP NATIONWIDE FOR FREE!!
(Don’t be confused, they’re partners and both are top sellers of Thai skincare products)

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Buy now:
Line ID: carolmeilaniw
WhatsApp: 089651459115
BB pin: 7D473E9A

Line ID: stephaniewillim
WhatsApp: 089643721553
BB pin: 7924E70E

Long post huh? :p I hope you find this review useful! ❤

August 1, 2014

Quick Review: Holiday Essentials by Pond’s, @galericahyaningty &

Holiday Essential #1: Good skin care that helps prevent sun damage.

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In order to enjoy my holiday without any worries, I know I NEED a skin care routine that helps prevent sun damage. Thanks God Pond’s sent me a box full of their Flawless White products (Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream in Light and Beige, Pond’s Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial Foam, Pond’s Flawless White Lightening Day Cream, and Pond’s Flawless White Brightening Night Cream) which are just the right skin care for me! I must say that the BB+ cream is my personal favorite. It’s one of the best BB creams that I’ve tried so far and yes that’s surprising because the price is really affordable! I wore it to the beach last week and thanks to its SPF 30 and PA++, I didn’t get any sun damage on my face :))

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P.s.: Have you joined Pond’s Be My Plus that I told you on my previous post? If you have, then you might be one of the winners of the amazing prizes that I mentioned! Do not miss their next event/competition by following them on Twitter (@myponds).

Holiday Essential #2: Accessories that match the season!

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Got this white dream catcher necklace from @galericahyaningty ❤ Check their Instagram page for more dream catchers, hijab shawls, accessories, clothes, et cetera!

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Your phone also needs to feel the summer euphoria! I dress mine with a beautiful Ted Baker case, sponsored by ❤ They sell fashionable iPhone cases and accessories (fancy lenses, selfie stick, pluggies, etc.) in affordable price.
**YES you're right this was horribly edited, we put the iPhone camera with photoshop just so this pic won't look weird but turned out the edit looks crap lol**

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Also follow @cotd.indo on Instagram and submit your COTD (Case of the Day) pic to get featured :D Be the first to spread the COTD madness!

July 26, 2014

Playful Summer (+ Quick Review of Zequins Tote & @gorgeoustuffs)

Aloha! It's mid of summer already! Earlier this year I planned many stuffs to do in this summer holiday like visiting hot-booming places in Bali plus experiencing parasailing or hang gliding (my ultimate wish is actually experiencing sky diving but I think there’s no play arena in Indonesia that provides it and yea it costs much more than parasailing), but sadly those are not going to happen anytime soon *I guess* :( Fortunately my hometown is still something to explore plus I’m craving for so many local signature dishes so my to-go-to list is been long enough already :D

And yes I’m in mood for anything fresh and playful lately! Thank God I’m started to get paid and sponsored by blogging/instagram-ing and last month I got sponsored by Zequins Tote (an online store that sells self-manufactured tote bags) and @gorgeoustuffs on Instagram (sells imported fashion bags, mostly handbags, sling bags and clutches) who sent me a tote bag and sling bag – both are so lovely and really suit my current fashion mood; playful! Plus yeah they are BAGS.

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Girlfriend Indonesia February 2014 Issue (Bloglovin' page)
I’m a bag sucker.

I even created these 2 simple looks just because I really, really dig my new bag babes (yes I’m a type of person who does mix & match based on current favorite item) ♥

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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This “Fresh Triangle Zequins Tote Bag” is so fly. It’s perfect for campus, beach, and casual hang out! I love how it steals everyone’s attention with its popping color and pattern plus the fact that it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY (yes, every Zequins tote bag comes with lifetime warranty! But what to worry anyway. Zequins Tote only sells high quality handmade tote bags so the lifetime warranty is actually unnecessary XD) ♥ Oh, they also come in very affordable price and ship worldwide!

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Please excuse me for playing on the swing set at kids area :’D Well I was just trying to have a happy kid moment before I turned 20 the next week.. Anywayyy, I got this suppah-cute sling bag from @gorgeoustuffs on Instagram. This babe is now my favorite companion for casual hang out ♥♥ They sell imported fashion bags – mostly handbags, sling bags and clutches – in affordable price. Their collections are all in stock *yasss no need to wait for months*! Free shipping to all areas in Indonesia :D

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This blog post is actually written weeks ago, but before I had the chance to post it my old PC got broken. And then I had to face final exam just few days after that heartbreaking tragedy - then I went to hometown, found out that the internet connection is really unstable here. However, I've stated in Sponsorship & Collaboration page that I will help to promote the brand/event/product/business at my blog, Instagram and Twitter account even though the advertiser didn't ask me to promote his business at blog (you know these days people are easier to be reached on Instagram/Twitter [I'm included]). So yeah thanks God I can finally have stable internet connection to post this :')

June 7, 2014

Latepost: Bloggers Meet Up!

So 2 months ago I and my blog/instagram fellas met up for the first time at Central Park Mall Jakarta. Ok I know this is a super late update but please just let me show 4 favorite pics of mine taken from our gathering :3 Anyway we had so much fun and we stole everybody's attention that day because we were all dressed in pastel :p There's much to share about our first gathering but I gotta post this one quickly so yeah!

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It was a white shoes madness day by 8/13 of us :'D

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What I wore: New Look daisy hairtie, H&M ID plaque necklace in rose gold, unbranded poplin top, JCLADE long mesh skirt, perspex clutch (with flowery chains that I made by using New Look floral headband), Alexander Wang Agata replica in white.

June 6, 2014

Ponds Be My Plus: Win Samsung Galaxy & Exclusive Beauty Class by Ryan Ogilvy!

Hello ladies! Hari ini aku mau share seputar topik yang memang bukan tentang fashion, tapi topik yang satu ini juga sama seperti fashion, nggak bisa lepas dari cewek: yep, it’s BEAUTY! Ngomong-ngomong soal beauty, aku yakin nggak ada cewek yang nggak tahu soal bb cream. Yuppp sejak dipasarkan oleh sebuah perusahaan kosmetik asal Korea beberapa tahun lalu, bb cream langsung booming karena bb cream bisa digunakan sebagai alas bedak dan bikin kulit wajah terlihat flawless – noda/jerawat/pori-pori besar tersamarkan, lebih cerah, dan juga bisa melindungi kulit dari bahaya sinar matahari – fungsi yang sama dengan foundation, namun teksturnya lebih ringan, sehingga bb cream secara cepat menjadi favorit banyak perempuan dan menggantikan foundie yang berat untuk digunakan sehari-hari.
Aku juga salah satu pengguna setia bb cream, dan udah banyak banget jenis bb cream dari berbagai merk yang udah aku coba. Salah satunya adalah Ponds BB+ Cream yang sekarang merupakan salah satu bb cream favorit aku :D Awalnya aku ragu bb cream dengan harga super terjangkau seperti Ponds bisa bikin kulit terlihat flawless dan tahan lama, tapi ternyataa Ponds BB+ Cream ini worth to try! Nggak kalah sama bb cream buatan perusahaan-perusahaan kosmetik Korea.

Buat yang juga udah coba Ponds BB+ Cream, good news, sekarang kamu bisa dapat banyak hadiah keren hanya dengan nge-share pengalaman kamu saat memakai Ponds BB Cream di! Sebelum aku kasih cara ikutannya, nih aku kasih tau dulu hadiah-hadiahnya:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
♥ Persediaan POND’S BB+ Cream untuk 6 bulan jika berhasil mengumpulkan 5 teman untuk jadi +one kamu.
♥ Persediaan POND’S BB+ Cream untuk 1 tahun jika berhasil mengumpulkan 10 teman untuk jadi +one kamu.
♥ 3 Samsung Galaxy untuk 3 orang dengan skor tertinggi SETIAP MINGGUNYA!
♥ Hadiah Utama: Mengikuti Exclusive Beauty Class oleh Ryan Ogilvy untuk 10 orang dengan skor tertinggi sampai akhir periode program (3 bulan).

Cara ikutannya gampang banget:

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Hurry up! Program ini cuma sampai 13 Juni 2014 lho!

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Aku juga udah ikutan, yuk jadi +one aku! ;D

April 15, 2014

Get Your Girly Essentials in CHEAPEST Price at BornPretty (Recommended for Resellers!)

Looking for an online store that sells all the girl stuffs you need in insanely cheap price? Go check They have IT ALL – nail art and beauty essentials, accessories, phone and tablet cases, fashion watches, clothes, stationary, toys, contact lens, hair beauty tools and wigs, and home décor stuffs.

My personal favorite is their watch collection – there are so many choices for many different styles in very, very cheap prices (and so many of them are in sale too!) ♥ I picked a unisex wrist watch that comes in a very casual design yet look elegant and effortlessly cool, which I can wear for any occasions and is easily paired with many different style (which I think is its best quality since I am a very moody self-stylist :p). This babe is made from alloy-steel material, comes in my 3rd favorite metal color after rose gold and gold, which I don’t know what its name is! LOL. I have worn it a couple of times and I must say this babe is sooo fine for a $9.50 wrist watch (around 95-110k in Indonesian Rupiah!!)♥♥

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Head-to-toe details: New Look floral crown, H&M mon petit cheri cropped tee, unbranded white overall, platform boots from Little Shoemaker Shop on Facebook.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The picture of my watch at BornPretty website

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The real item. It has no difference with the pic provided by BornPretty on their website at all! It comes in a cute & safe packaging :D

You can check their insanely-cheap-but-nice watch collection catalogue here:
women’s watch, wrist watch, bracelet watch, LED watch
(uhyeah they also have a very well-organized webstore which provides us a really convenient shopping experience!)

What makes me love BornPretty more is that THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR FREE! And for Indonesian buyers, don’t worry about the tax. At first I was also so worried about the tax because this is the first time I ordered an international package on my own. But thank God, I got mine in just 2 weeks and the deliverer didn’t charge me a cent! (maybe there will be extra charge by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise for mass purchase, I don’t really understand the regulations.. but as long as your purchase is not that much I’m sure you’ll receive your package safely and smoothly, with no charge).

♥ They got ALL THE GIRL STUFFS YOU NEED in good quality, pretty designs and most importantly they come in very cheap prices!
♥ Discounts are ALWAYS there!
♥ They ship worldwide for free!
♥ Their webstore is so well-organized so we can shop conveniently :D

Oh and for resellers, I got an extra good news for you: they provide wholesale price calculations for every product and they also do DROPSHIP! Yes yes I hear you thanking me, you’re welcome! :p

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Special for my fellow blog readers, you can get 10% OFF at BornPretty by typing the code INMUC10 when you check out ♥♥♥ Happy shopping, babes!