December 24, 2011

See The Good in Goodbye

So this is my last post for 2011. I’m heading to Hong Kong this Monday so now is my last chance to blog before leaving for 9 days or more. Before I leave this blog for a while and leave 2011 forever I must say 2011 was such a great year for me. 2011 was full of achievements, lessons, love, also hatred and complicated problems. And it means 2011 was balanced to me. In 2011 I began to blog. I turned 17, I achieved my hard work at school, I learned so much. I spent the whole 2011 with Kelvin (yes, 2011 is the first year I fully spent with him. Last year we just spent 10 months and 9 days together). And I learned very much about him and our relationship this year :) one problem I’d never forget also happened this year and I got a very important moral value from it; don’t fully trust anyone even if he/she is your close friend. I finally know who my real best friends are and those who just ‘friends’ with me. God is really good. This year He still shows how much He loves me and I have no doubt that He will always show His miracle to me in the years ahead. Well, forever. 2011 has taught me to believe that God really works in our life. We just need to do our best, and let God do the rest :) I’m really blessed and I’m so thankful! (This year, for the umpteenth time someone who has a kind of “vision” – well, I dunno what to call her ability - told me that I’m really blessed. And yes, I do believe! Because it’s proved so many times!♥ )

At last I wanna wish you all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thanks for all the support during 2011. Keep awesome and stay fashionable. My HK outfit photos are coming out next year (Ameeen) ♥

December 12, 2011

Compete and Win

Hi! Sorry for the lack of post, fellas! I’m very busy lately… blame the competitions and exams and health checks. Oh and an online store that was soo late to ship my stuffs that I need to dress up! Thank God the stuffs are finally here anddd I finally have me time this week for some photo shoots in my house. Well, I’m afraid I’ll leave this blog for few times (again) due to my family’s plan to fly to jekardah… and the next year my schedule will be fulfilled by study, study and study. National final exam is getting closer. Oh dude… can’t imagine how busy I’ll be :/

DIY ring

Head-to-toe details: boyfriend’s fedora, unbranded pink polka collar, unbranded LBD, cross pendant necklace, Maqiebag Shop custom made doggy polka sling bag, DIY sideways cross ring, AdorableProjects pink boots.

By the way, so happy to share that I and my team won a moot court competition held by De La Salle University, Faculty of Law. And guess what, I also won GADIS (yes, GADIS magazine!) Fashion Blog Competition as one of entertaining winners! :D if you wanna see my winning post, click here. Anddd if you wanna know all the winners check the official announcement here :)

Photo courtesy of Ricky Waworga :)

That's me!! Below the famous blogger sabilanata :)

November 15, 2011

Audrey & I

Head-to-toe details: pom-pom pen worn as hairpin, Spyderbilt Audrey Hepburn dress, Maqiebag Shop hand bag, Miu Xi shoes.

Audrey Hepburn - The timeless beauty icon.

Doggie bag again ♥ can't get enough for those doggie things, dunno why.

"A problem you are now facing with a friend or a lover could be transformed into an opportunity. Something in an important relationship needs fixing. This is an issue that has popped up from time to time over a long period, and now it's gotten to a point that it must be addressed and resolved. You have probably been dreading the confrontation, and imagining the fallout that could occur. But, if you handle it right, this could turn into a fabulous chance to enhance and reignite your relationship. Approach the issue with the end goal of a better union. Remain optimistic." - Gemini, November 14 2011.

November 6, 2011


Proudly show you some of my D.I.Y. creations (I call them artworks) here in this post!:)

"Be inspired by what you see, never steal what inspired you" (Lala Bohang)

p.s.: Sorry for not post tutorial photos, all my creations in this post were created few times ago and sadly I didn’t took the pics of how to create them :(


I made this self-name necklace few months ago. I bought wooden letters at a store in Jakarta, and then I arranged and glued them up :)

This bag was an ordinary canvas shopping bag that I got as a bonus from one of my favorite magazines about 2 years ago. I got inspired by cute painted canvas bags I saw on a site so I decided to prettify this bag by painting on it! I was really excited because I’m really an art lover and I also love to draw since I was a kid :D I chose to paint my iconic puddle – one of my best imaginations. I bought palette, painting brushes and oil pastels – red, white, and black. I really wanted to buy turquoise and yellow ones, but they were too expensive :( so I used my yellow and green nail colors to color the puddle’s face. LOL.
For the final touch, I added my old ribbon on the puddle’s head… perfect!

Did you notice two nail polish applicators in the pic above? ..yes, I used them to paint the bag! I lost my small painting brush that I needed to paint details and outlines so I used those nail polish applicators.. LOL

My another creation, police line headband. I bought yellow tape and then I brought it to a stencil and requested them to print police line warnings to it. Put it on my unused headband and tada, I have a new unique thing!

This flash ring is made from synthetic leather pieces that I got from my old wallets and cases :D I cut them to flash shape and glued them up with foam that had been cut to flash shape too. I used to put it on a headband, but I accidentally broke the headband so now I put it on a ring! :)


It'd be nice to have your comments, fellas! And feel free to ask for followback or follow-for-follow requests. Happy Sunday universe ♥

November 1, 2011

A Girl from The Countryside

Head-to-toe details: boyfriend’s fedora, unbranded zebra prints over sized blouse, high waist jeans from Ladieshop She Needs, AdorableProjects vintage bag, AdorableProjects pink boots.

Love the prints so damn much ♥

October 26, 2011

What a Day

Had an unforgettable, valuable and extra-ordinary fun experiences on last Friday and Saturday :D

Kak Leo, me, Ira, Kak Surya, Nath

The evidences of our fun-but-a-bit-dirty "speaking in Manadonese" battle with Kak Leo and Kak Surya :p LOL

Kak Surya, Kak Rey, Ira, me, Kak Harry :D

anddd guess what... I had a lunch with Secretary-General of the People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia (MPR RI) with my friends in Cerdas Cermat UUD 1945 on last Saturday! :))

with Pak Eddie! :))

Pak Eddie posed with souvenirs from us :D

Hendra, Danny, me, Pak Eddie, Eva, Pingkan

with Kodo... epic pic :D

Me, Ang, Hendra, Pak Eddie, Pingkan, Danny, Kodo, Anette, Eva

October 17, 2011

Flower Power

Just found a very gorgeous flowery dress! It’s my aunt’s old dress and it fits on me perfectly! It goes for formal occasion and also casual hang-out… These are my tricks to make it wearable for any occasion:


Head-to-toe details: gifted necklace, vintage flowery dress, Grandma’s clutch, The Little Things She Needs violet pump shoes.

Feels so 60’s! \(^o^)/


Head-to-toe details: gifted necklace, vintage flowery dress, Louis Vuitton sling bag, pink shoestring (as belt), Gaudi sandals.

Just add a sling bag, belt, and sandals for a casual look! I don't have belt so I wore my pink shoestring as belt ;p

The Face Shop nail color

October 16, 2011

Oh Little Birdie

This bird is so unique, isn’t he? (well, Idk this bird is actually a male or female, but let’s call this bird “he” cos it feels somehow wrong to call this birdie “it”) Look at his neck; he has a “necklace”! That’s why my grandma bought him. And I just figured out that he has another uniqueness… when you’re close to him and staring at him, he will bend over you (like Japanese people do to salute others) again and again! I tried to stand at another place, and surprisingly he changed his position facing me and he bent over me again! He really amazes me! But suddenly I wondered that he bent over to ask me to release him from his cage… I immediately felt sorry for him (˘^˘)

So sorry buddy, can’t help :( you’re my grandma’s favorite (˘^˘)

September 16, 2011

A Cross on Top of The Crown

Just after I edited these photos, I remembered what my old friend said about his band’s name “CrossXCrown”. He said that name means there’s always a cross on top of a king’s crown. There’s a King of the kings, He is God. Great naming and deep meaning, I think.

This is given by my good friends Kak Ona and Ang on my sweet 17th birthday. This cross is actually a Catholics’ cross. Christians’ cross comes without Jesus figure on it. I am a Christian, but I think it’s okay to have a Catholics’ cross in my room. We all have the same and the only God, right?

On me: Unbranded cropped black blazer, AdorableProjects statement necklace, Unbranded long white tee, AdorableProjects moustache ring, Ribbon doggy bag, Unbranded boots.

Not so spiritual in the end... my naughty statement necklace messes it all. Haha :p Drink meeeh!