April 24, 2011

Happy Easter.

Yeah. Today is Easter Day. Last night I prayed to God begged for the “real peace”. Maybe what I really meant last night was, the real victory.
But today was rough. My family just got a really bad news.. well, it’s bad enough to ruin and mess up our Easter Day… and unfortunately I just can do nothing to help -_-

Someday I'll be what I want and I'll show to the world what the real happiness is. I'll work for what I love, and I'll love what I'll be working for. I won’t work only for money or for being in the charge, NO, the world is sick. I think the world turns so old… Why people judging others by their physical appearance, their money, or their authority? Why so many people live by doing the things that other people praised even he/she doesn’t want it?

I promise someday I will be a woman who is happy with her own life.

P.S.: Is there anyone who takes double degree (bachelor program) or multiple diploma from all of you? Please leave your comment. I need your information.

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