May 29, 2011

1st Day of Period

I fake myself to those who fake themselves to me. Fake for fake, fair enough huh? Childish? Whatever, you and I both have idealism.

May 28, 2011

Grew Up (?)

Welllll. This is my confession. God, I’ve changed badly. And I, myself, don’t like it. I realize there’s something wrong with me. And really… believe it or not, God has sent me the signs to stop all my bad habits. Last week, when I was mad (hell yeah, I forgot why! haha-_-) I got a little accident and my feet hurt. Dude, it was so fucking hurt. Few days ago, my friend was kidding me while morning prayer, and I gave her my middle finger (it was just for fun too, but…) :/ after that, Idk why, I felt pain in my middle finger. And yeah, that’s not all! Yesterday skins around my lips were getting dry and oh, it looked bad. I guess it’s because I’ve said many harsh things -_-

Okay, enough with my confession… let’s talk about my upcoming sweet 17th birthday party :3 Today I tried to take photographs for my invitation card, but no one’s good enough -_-‘’

This is the best one, but it’s still not good enough :/
On me: Zara LBD, Drole peacock necklace, peep shoes.

Me and Those Crazy Little Things

Bubbles (Saturday, May 21st 2011)

I have no idea how my friend captured this pic in very nice timing. Doesn’t this pic remind you of spongebob squarepants and the bubble from his nose? LOL… and look at those people behind me. Bubbles never fail to make us happy! :)

Vampire Mouth & Tongue Shaped Gummies

*sensored* Shaped Jelly Toy (Wednesday, April 4th 2011)

What else you can’t found in this world?

And the last crazy little thing is…

(Lisa's Sweet 17th Birthday Blast, Saturday, May 21st 2011)

This is a “little” thing. Friendship. Your friends, they’re around you everyday. We often think that our friends are not so important and you can find them anytime you want. But once you lost them, you’ll realize how important they are. You’ll realize how sad it is to be alone. “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light (Hellen Keller)”.

May 15, 2011

Prom Night

This is why I vacuumed for about 2 weeks :p I was so busy for this party and the assignments. But thaaank God, all the results are worth my hard work :) Yesterday was really really lovely. Me and Kelvin’s outfits was so matched :D I was surprised when he told me that he would wear vest and hat for this party, because he never tried to look fashionable before. He was sooo cute. And yesterday me and him have our first ride after these years, hahaha :D

what a couple :D

with Shasa :)

my "Bruno Mars" :D :*

with other OSIS members :)

On me: Zara little black dress (as top), Mango ruffles skirt, Drole peacock necklace, Unbranded high heels.

May 2, 2011

Look at those Turquoise Eyes

Woohoo! I love today’s outfit! This is my favorite post, and I guess I’ll repost it later :D

On me: Juice Ematic tee, Unbranded leather skirt, Ribbon doggy bag, Monol tosca watch, Guess ankle boots.

You may have seen the bag that I used in the pic before. That doggy bag is my favorite one, so I mix and match it with my outfits in many posts. I think it’s better to do mix match and not buy new trendy stuffs everyday. Remember, trends just repeat themselves. And the most important is, trends fade but style stands ;) Beside, by doing your fashion that way, you can save your money to buy sweeties like candies or ice cream… Sweeties are good for your brain ;)