May 28, 2011

Grew Up (?)

Welllll. This is my confession. God, I’ve changed badly. And I, myself, don’t like it. I realize there’s something wrong with me. And really… believe it or not, God has sent me the signs to stop all my bad habits. Last week, when I was mad (hell yeah, I forgot why! haha-_-) I got a little accident and my feet hurt. Dude, it was so fucking hurt. Few days ago, my friend was kidding me while morning prayer, and I gave her my middle finger (it was just for fun too, but…) :/ after that, Idk why, I felt pain in my middle finger. And yeah, that’s not all! Yesterday skins around my lips were getting dry and oh, it looked bad. I guess it’s because I’ve said many harsh things -_-

Okay, enough with my confession… let’s talk about my upcoming sweet 17th birthday party :3 Today I tried to take photographs for my invitation card, but no one’s good enough -_-‘’

This is the best one, but it’s still not good enough :/
On me: Zara LBD, Drole peacock necklace, peep shoes.

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