June 12, 2011


THANKS GOD! I’m 17 years and 1 day old now :D Yesterday was absolutely the best birthday I ever had. It was a BLAST! :)
Since the morning I got sooo many congratulations at school, also on twitter and facebook. There are 100++ congrats waiting to be replied on my twitter now :o I’m still not able to reply it one by one.. Sorry everyone -_-
And yeah, I also held my bday bash yesterday, at my home :D thanks to those who have attended my party, I love you guys..

At first I was skeptic that my bday party would be a blast, because the final exam dated on the same date with my bday (again)… actually the preparation was not so well. I bought my dress just one day before the party day!! Haha. But fortunately the party ran well and the guests are over my expectation :)

My "cheese bday cake" from Kelvin heeheehee :D

Big thanks to Pdt. Inneke! :)

Light up the candles, make a wish, and blow the candles :D


With the best class I ever had, XI Social 2 a.k.a. SID!! ({})

All the insane boys, I love you :*

Thanks for the attendance guys :D

It’s been so long that I haven’t got bday presents this much :o Thanks, buddies!! :*

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