July 8, 2011

Another Present

Wow! I got a very late birthday present haha! But it’s one of the best presents :D Thanks Raizo Ozunu for making this illustration of me (Idk it’s edited or illustrated, but however thanks!!).

Amazing June

Don't you think time just running out too fast it's July already? And yeah, by the way, it’s been about 3 weeks I didn’t update this blog.. miss me? ;p Actually I just visited Surabaya for almost 2 weeks, that’s why I vacuumed. And I have a very happy news from there… my aunty just have a new baby boy. Welcome to the world, Maximillian Sky Danaga a.k.a. Max :* wooow June was really really amazing!!! I have a memorable 17th birthday, I got a new lovely cousin, and guess what….. I achieved “Overall Social Class 1st Rank” in my school, really proud of myself! :) Big thanks to God!! Not just that, I have to thank Him for those simple things, too.. He protected me on my flight and so much more… I’m really blessed :)

Cute Max ({})

The Winning Girl and her pride \(^ ^)/

Also thank God for “him” :*

I’ll update Fashion Victim so soon! ;) (just bought so many cute stuffs in Surabaya :p)