July 8, 2011

Amazing June

Don't you think time just running out too fast it's July already? And yeah, by the way, it’s been about 3 weeks I didn’t update this blog.. miss me? ;p Actually I just visited Surabaya for almost 2 weeks, that’s why I vacuumed. And I have a very happy news from there… my aunty just have a new baby boy. Welcome to the world, Maximillian Sky Danaga a.k.a. Max :* wooow June was really really amazing!!! I have a memorable 17th birthday, I got a new lovely cousin, and guess what….. I achieved “Overall Social Class 1st Rank” in my school, really proud of myself! :) Big thanks to God!! Not just that, I have to thank Him for those simple things, too.. He protected me on my flight and so much more… I’m really blessed :)

Cute Max ({})

The Winning Girl and her pride \(^ ^)/

Also thank God for “him” :*

I’ll update Fashion Victim so soon! ;) (just bought so many cute stuffs in Surabaya :p)

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