September 16, 2011

A Cross on Top of The Crown

Just after I edited these photos, I remembered what my old friend said about his band’s name “CrossXCrown”. He said that name means there’s always a cross on top of a king’s crown. There’s a King of the kings, He is God. Great naming and deep meaning, I think.

This is given by my good friends Kak Ona and Ang on my sweet 17th birthday. This cross is actually a Catholics’ cross. Christians’ cross comes without Jesus figure on it. I am a Christian, but I think it’s okay to have a Catholics’ cross in my room. We all have the same and the only God, right?

On me: Unbranded cropped black blazer, AdorableProjects statement necklace, Unbranded long white tee, AdorableProjects moustache ring, Ribbon doggy bag, Unbranded boots.

Not so spiritual in the end... my naughty statement necklace messes it all. Haha :p Drink meeeh!


  1. hihi that's my favourite bag:D
    btw, follow gue donggg susan -_-

  2. Love ur jacket :D - Reb, xoxo ♥

  3. your english is amazing! :) you are very inspirational and such a pretty girl you are. :) i really love your fashion sense, and i am following you via google and on twitter. :) hope you'll follow-back. :)

    have a great day, and cheers!


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