September 6, 2011


I'm such a lazy lazy blogger. Am too lazy to take photos of my new experiments -_- Instead of my experiments I'd like to post my wishlist for September... even that I know some wishes will still be just wishes next month (and I have to add them again on my next wishlist). Haha.

The very first thing! Sideways cross necklace from Nasty Gal. Gonna request jewelry maker to make one for me..

Classic doctor bag from Zara. Well, Zara never fails with its bags, I think.

No ordinary leggings. I'll need them to prevent looking 'too sexy' or when I have to attend 'no shorts allowed' events (FYI, I crave shorts and mini skirts). 'Protected' but stand out.

This dress just made me so 'awwwww i want it i want it i want ittt' :p

Rosary look alike necklace. I want the 'look alike' one cause I just don't wanna "wear" rosary. Rosary was not made to be "worn", I think. Rosary is for praying, not for fashion or for other misuses. Just saying.

Pink fedora. I wanna try hats :3

Okay, there are too many other wishes on the line but enough with them.. *over budget* my very last (but not least) wish is..... I WANT TO BE A BIT FATTER!!!

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  1. thank you!and thanks for your nice comment! thats gergeous hehe nice to know you :)


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