October 26, 2011

What a Day

Had an unforgettable, valuable and extra-ordinary fun experiences on last Friday and Saturday :D

Kak Leo, me, Ira, Kak Surya, Nath

The evidences of our fun-but-a-bit-dirty "speaking in Manadonese" battle with Kak Leo and Kak Surya :p LOL

Kak Surya, Kak Rey, Ira, me, Kak Harry :D

anddd guess what... I had a lunch with Secretary-General of the People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia (MPR RI) with my friends in Cerdas Cermat UUD 1945 on last Saturday! :))

with Pak Eddie! :))

Pak Eddie posed with souvenirs from us :D

Hendra, Danny, me, Pak Eddie, Eva, Pingkan

with Kodo... epic pic :D

Me, Ang, Hendra, Pak Eddie, Pingkan, Danny, Kodo, Anette, Eva

October 17, 2011

Flower Power

Just found a very gorgeous flowery dress! It’s my aunt’s old dress and it fits on me perfectly! It goes for formal occasion and also casual hang-out… These are my tricks to make it wearable for any occasion:


Head-to-toe details: gifted necklace, vintage flowery dress, Grandma’s clutch, The Little Things She Needs violet pump shoes.

Feels so 60’s! \(^o^)/


Head-to-toe details: gifted necklace, vintage flowery dress, Louis Vuitton sling bag, pink shoestring (as belt), Gaudi sandals.

Just add a sling bag, belt, and sandals for a casual look! I don't have belt so I wore my pink shoestring as belt ;p

The Face Shop nail color

October 16, 2011

Oh Little Birdie

This bird is so unique, isn’t he? (well, Idk this bird is actually a male or female, but let’s call this bird “he” cos it feels somehow wrong to call this birdie “it”) Look at his neck; he has a “necklace”! That’s why my grandma bought him. And I just figured out that he has another uniqueness… when you’re close to him and staring at him, he will bend over you (like Japanese people do to salute others) again and again! I tried to stand at another place, and surprisingly he changed his position facing me and he bent over me again! He really amazes me! But suddenly I wondered that he bent over to ask me to release him from his cage… I immediately felt sorry for him (˘^˘)

So sorry buddy, can’t help :( you’re my grandma’s favorite (˘^˘)