October 16, 2011

Oh Little Birdie

This bird is so unique, isn’t he? (well, Idk this bird is actually a male or female, but let’s call this bird “he” cos it feels somehow wrong to call this birdie “it”) Look at his neck; he has a “necklace”! That’s why my grandma bought him. And I just figured out that he has another uniqueness… when you’re close to him and staring at him, he will bend over you (like Japanese people do to salute others) again and again! I tried to stand at another place, and surprisingly he changed his position facing me and he bent over me again! He really amazes me! But suddenly I wondered that he bent over to ask me to release him from his cage… I immediately felt sorry for him (˘^˘)

So sorry buddy, can’t help :( you’re my grandma’s favorite (˘^˘)

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