October 26, 2011

What a Day

Had an unforgettable, valuable and extra-ordinary fun experiences on last Friday and Saturday :D

Kak Leo, me, Ira, Kak Surya, Nath

The evidences of our fun-but-a-bit-dirty "speaking in Manadonese" battle with Kak Leo and Kak Surya :p LOL

Kak Surya, Kak Rey, Ira, me, Kak Harry :D

anddd guess what... I had a lunch with Secretary-General of the People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia (MPR RI) with my friends in Cerdas Cermat UUD 1945 on last Saturday! :))

with Pak Eddie! :))

Pak Eddie posed with souvenirs from us :D

Hendra, Danny, me, Pak Eddie, Eva, Pingkan

with Kodo... epic pic :D

Me, Ang, Hendra, Pak Eddie, Pingkan, Danny, Kodo, Anette, Eva

1 comment:

  1. Love it :)

    xoxo, P. <3


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