November 6, 2011


Proudly show you some of my D.I.Y. creations (I call them artworks) here in this post!:)

"Be inspired by what you see, never steal what inspired you" (Lala Bohang)

p.s.: Sorry for not post tutorial photos, all my creations in this post were created few times ago and sadly I didn’t took the pics of how to create them :(


I made this self-name necklace few months ago. I bought wooden letters at a store in Jakarta, and then I arranged and glued them up :)

This bag was an ordinary canvas shopping bag that I got as a bonus from one of my favorite magazines about 2 years ago. I got inspired by cute painted canvas bags I saw on a site so I decided to prettify this bag by painting on it! I was really excited because I’m really an art lover and I also love to draw since I was a kid :D I chose to paint my iconic puddle – one of my best imaginations. I bought palette, painting brushes and oil pastels – red, white, and black. I really wanted to buy turquoise and yellow ones, but they were too expensive :( so I used my yellow and green nail colors to color the puddle’s face. LOL.
For the final touch, I added my old ribbon on the puddle’s head… perfect!

Did you notice two nail polish applicators in the pic above? ..yes, I used them to paint the bag! I lost my small painting brush that I needed to paint details and outlines so I used those nail polish applicators.. LOL

My another creation, police line headband. I bought yellow tape and then I brought it to a stencil and requested them to print police line warnings to it. Put it on my unused headband and tada, I have a new unique thing!

This flash ring is made from synthetic leather pieces that I got from my old wallets and cases :D I cut them to flash shape and glued them up with foam that had been cut to flash shape too. I used to put it on a headband, but I accidentally broke the headband so now I put it on a ring! :)


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  1. followed back kakak cantik ;)
    i love your blog! you're so creative! :D
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  2. you are just so sweet dear! i cant believe hat you made those cute accessories by yourself! you really inspire me to make some diy things someday! every piece here is adorable. my favorite is your diy bag! you are so creative and lovable! cant believe you use your nail polish on the green and yellow color! keep posting dear, i love reading your blog :* kisses

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  4. So cute and creative dear :)
    Kisses :*

  5. so sweet , and creative .

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    ciao from Italy


  6. this DIY is amazing! i love it :D your blog is suuuper<3

  7. so cute DIY stuffs...i like your style btw...great girl style :)
    thanks for commenting on my blog. hehe yah it's rare to find a man blogger!

    I'm following you now...i hope you follow me back dear

  8. wow, you're so creative, girl.i love your DIY bag. so cute <3

  9. Wow! You're so talented! I love DIY stuff!

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  10. That is cool! You're very talented :))

    Greetings from Norway =)

  11. Your welcome :)

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  13. Very unique (:

    CMPang x

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  15. cant wait for your next post dear...

  16. I love the bag!
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  17. Wooow so cool :D <3

    xoxo, P. <3

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  19. You are so creative! I love the necklace and the bag!!!
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  26. You are very creative! I will try to do myself a ring :x


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