December 24, 2011

See The Good in Goodbye

So this is my last post for 2011. I’m heading to Hong Kong this Monday so now is my last chance to blog before leaving for 9 days or more. Before I leave this blog for a while and leave 2011 forever I must say 2011 was such a great year for me. 2011 was full of achievements, lessons, love, also hatred and complicated problems. And it means 2011 was balanced to me. In 2011 I began to blog. I turned 17, I achieved my hard work at school, I learned so much. I spent the whole 2011 with Kelvin (yes, 2011 is the first year I fully spent with him. Last year we just spent 10 months and 9 days together). And I learned very much about him and our relationship this year :) one problem I’d never forget also happened this year and I got a very important moral value from it; don’t fully trust anyone even if he/she is your close friend. I finally know who my real best friends are and those who just ‘friends’ with me. God is really good. This year He still shows how much He loves me and I have no doubt that He will always show His miracle to me in the years ahead. Well, forever. 2011 has taught me to believe that God really works in our life. We just need to do our best, and let God do the rest :) I’m really blessed and I’m so thankful! (This year, for the umpteenth time someone who has a kind of “vision” – well, I dunno what to call her ability - told me that I’m really blessed. And yes, I do believe! Because it’s proved so many times!♥ )

At last I wanna wish you all a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thanks for all the support during 2011. Keep awesome and stay fashionable. My HK outfit photos are coming out next year (Ameeen) ♥

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