January 5, 2012

HK Journal #1: Ocean Park

Hi! Hello! Aloha! I’m finally home after a fun and unforgettable trip at Hong Kong and Singapore :)) start from this post I’ll continue posting my HK-spore experiences and amazing photos and off course my outfit photos! Yayness! So excited to blog them all! First of all I wanna share photos taken at Ocean Park. Actually I went there with my family at day 4 but I think I was not so fashionable that time so I decided to post this journal first. Heehee. Save the best for the last, rite? ;p but however I’m sure the photos will aw-maze you. This is my second trip at Hong Kong. I did the previous trip in 2007 and I visited Disney Land that year. So this time I went to Ocean Park and well, I think Ocean Park is better than Disney Land! Hm okay, actually Disney Land is better visually. But Ocean Park offers much more vehicle, game, and education in a fun way. In OP you can see rare Asian animals – mammals, birds, fishes – just name it. And on the side or sometimes on the front of the habitats/aquariums/cages, you can read unique facts about the species you see.

Seriously, this panda was posing, not sleeping! He’s expert at posing!

Craziest vehicles I’ve ever tried: The Abbys and Hair Raiser! Photo of hair raiser will come so soon!

Believe it or not.. it's a leopard patterned stingray!!

Bonus pic :P Taken in our way back to hotel :D

So, as you’ve read, start from this post I’ll post my HK and Spore journals – sorted by my outfit rank ^o^ and well, it’s not too late to say happy new year, right?:D Happy happy new year everyone! :*


  1. nice posting. it would just be great if it's laid out, using the "read more" to be neat ...

  2. untuk setting read more, perlu menambahkan sedikit HMTL di bagian dasboard-Edit HTML

    caranya coba cari di google dengan kata kunci "cara memasang readmore di blogspot"

    atau coba ikuti langkah2nya di:

    sory, sebelumnya saya tahu blog kamu dari fb. hehe. kalo mau tanya2 lagi seputar blogspot, bisa mail saya di universal@hermantan.com, atau mail via FB aja..

    nice to meet u :)


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