February 4, 2012

Dear Darling

The following pics are my favorite pages of scrapbook that I gave to Kelvin on his 19th birthday. I think this is the best tangible gift I’ve ever given to someone so far:)) Everyone deserves to know that they’re special rite? So I tried to tell him how special he is with 42 pages of pics, graphics, poems, and thoughts united in a scrapbook ♥

The cover of the scrapbook. A simple blue cover with a newbie-made illustration of chibi me and Kelvin on the corner :D actually it’s out of the expected design. I once was wondering how if I stamp my palms of the hands on it, with my index fingers and thumbs meet to form heart shape. But I didn’t have enough time to do it heehee.

3rd page of the scrapbook! Yes, as I said, I don’t post all the pics of the pages because they’re 42 in amount… so I just post my favorite ones. :)

The concept of the scrapbook is colorful, full of surprises and happy memories of him and his friends, family and off course, me!:p I began it by memorize him about his high school days with pics of him and his friends on front pages and then followed by list of “10 Things I love the Most about You” that comes with hundreds of pics, my thoughts about him, and poems :D This part takes the biggest part of the scrapbook.

One of the pages in 10 things I love the most about him, showing pics of his very epic fail poses:p

The first “thing” I love the most about him is the way I am when I am with him :)

It took so much time to make this page! It wasn’t easy to die cut neatly :/ but the result is worth it.