September 2, 2012


Hello readers! I'M SO SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF POST.. I'm kinda busy lately, blame my preparations before college start :/ I may not post new blog post for few days more, so please forgive me :( I promise to be back as soon as possible. For you who have commented on my blog posts and haven't got my reply yet, please be patient I promise I'll reply your comments later.. also to those who have followed me and haven't got my follow back. I PROMISE I'll follow you guys back so be patient k..........
Anyway, go get GOGIRL! Magazine Indonesia September issue! I got featured on page 66 (Post Anything) :D


  1. how could you be in go girl magazine :D ?
    congrats! please give us a tips to get into Gogirl issue too !
    anyway, we have nominate you for an award :D :D :D
    check it out

  2. nyaw :( study well dear! hope to see you soon! and lets hangout someday :D


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