January 20, 2013

Meow, I Woof You!

Hi! I come back! :3 So sorry for my habit of leaving this blog too often :( I knowww I’m such a lazy blogger :( I can’t believe I have left for more than a month and when I comeback it’s 2013 already….. and oh, Happy New Year my fellow lovely readers! :* I know it’s too late to say but I wanna wish you all enjoy the each day of 2013. May all of your resolutions and wishes become true! :)


Btw, do you notice that my outfit in this post looks so different compared to my outfits in the previous posts (which are soo pastel)? :p In my last post I wrote that I’m not so into dark colors, but I think this glittery gray cropped sweater from Picnic is worth the try! So is my new black cat shoes, looove!


Head-to-toe details: Asos kitty headband, Picnic glittery gray cropped sweater, sheer polka top as inner, Unbranded polished leather skirt, Forever 21 sideways cross ring, Ribbon metallic doggie purse, stars & kitty tattoo stocking from Luvely Pink Shop, Catly Shop black cat flats.

Lastly, hate to say this but I may be leaving this blog (again and again…) for about 2 weeks because the final exam is coming :| Wish me luck! And oh, enjoy preparing yourself for Valentine’s day everyone! :D


  1. good luck for your exam! loving ur tatto tights and cute cat flats! <3

  2. Replies
    1. thank you so much dearie :) anyway, where's your profile and blog link? :o i tried to find your blog but it's no where.. if you love just leave your blog link so i can visit your blog when I blog-walking :D

  3. Very cute shoes <3


  4. long time i haven't visit your blog, you look more beautiful :)

    This is real and This is me

  5. Why's so looong? I've been missing you!) Like your outfit!!!

  6. these pics are lovely and you look absolutely ah-dorable, woof woof! :)

    anyway, following your absolutely darling blog
    hopefully, you'd follow back :)

    good luck with your final exam!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  7. Hi!! Cute outfit you got there and the photos look wonderful.

    Instant follow!! Hope you follow me too :)

  8. HI!! I love your blog! found it on a thread on lookbook!! im now following you!
    If you want check out ours as well: http://outfitandabit.blogspot.com

  9. Hi I just saw you on lookbook. I'm now following and it will be great if you can follow me back. Thanks .........


  10. I love your shoes! I'm a cat lover and your post makes me miss my cats back home. :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com


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