March 4, 2013

Oh February!

Hola! I’m back with some personal life updates :3 Can’t believe that February 2013 has come to its end.. like what I always say, time flies really really fast… and February has always been a month full of memorable events. Idk why. Maybe for some of you February has always been special because of Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year, but I often experienced memorable events in February that are not involved to those big days.
This February I experienced so many special events but “unfortunately” I didn’t have any memorable moments on Valentine’s Day lol *well, I actually feel that having no memorable moments on Valentine’s Day is not a big deal and it’s not unfortunate, I just can’t find another word hahaha*. This February I went home for a (very) short holiday and celebrated Chinese New Year there x3 I had a lot of fun in Manado, thanks to my dearest friends. It’s true that no land is as good as your hometown :’)


2 sets of Purikura of me and my dearest junior high school friends. What is funny about us is that we actually weren’t that close in JHS, but then we got closer after graduated ❤ Was dining with my craziest friends EVER. Really, they’re that crazy and freak yet I love them so much! ❤ Girls’ night out with my besties {} ❤ Happy Chinese New Year! ❤ It's me and Edison as MCs of The Opening of the Day of The 2013 Asian English Olympics! Such an uh-mazing experience ❤ Was dining with my beloved partners in The 2013 Asian English Olympics Branding Department! Thank you guys! ❤ Anddd you know what. I GOT the job that I mentioned in my previous post! Currently working as an amateur sport news presenter for a football website (with my best friend, Sela)!! Stay tune for the updates ❤


  1. I didn't have a great valentine day too..but I'm grateful I can still past the day with my beloved family and friends :)
    nice photos dear

  2. Time flies fast indeed! I've had a few lonely Valentine's day as well. You'll find your Valentine soon, hun, don't worry. Hihi :)

    xx Daphne of


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