July 26, 2013

Forever Summer

My girly clothes are back! :)) This time I give some hippie-ish touch on my outfit. Oh I'm such a moody at dressing myself.

Head-to-toe details: DIY floral crown, sideways cross necklace (Asos replica) from Needle N’ Thread, Forever 21 denim bustier, New Look long cardigan, Colorbox floral skirt, assorted bracelets by Popoluca Stuff, Tap Tap watch from Girls Fashion, sideways cross ring from Needle N’ Thread, Adorable Projects pink suede boots.

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July 10, 2013

Sweet Revenge

Finally!!! Finally the awaited long holiday has come to me and finally I could manage my time to blog and end my long hiatus on blogsphere~ I am SO sorry for my habit of neglecting this blog too often :( *and sorry for excusing a million times* I was really, really busy in the last 3 months. Blame my college life and part time job. As you know, I got a part time job as a sport news presenter for a website. I was also in a hard semester and in charge as project officer of an event. It felt like my to-do-list doesn’t have an end and I even felt really exhausted that time. Thank God the event that I and my amazing team organized is successfully done and now I’m in my hometown for summer break. I take 7 unpaid weeks off so I won’t appear in any football news video by Sundul.com until September. (When I posted this blog post few days ago I actually attached links of Sundul.com's channel on youtube (sundulvideo), the most viewed video with my appearance, and the latest video with my appearance so if you're interested to watch me, you can go to those links. But unfortunately a problem occurs to Sundul.com's channel, and my colleagues are now working to fix it. I'll attach those links again when everything is back to normal)

Anyway, I’m featured on Gogirl Magazine May Issue’s 100 Stylish Readers XD (yeah I know it’s July already… but for me it’s still new lol)

K. Now let’s talk about my outfit :3 I’m so obsessed with camo, neon colors, studs, and statement accessories recently! This is far from my girly style hahaha. My too-girly clothes are somehow “wiped” outta my closet lol.

 photo IMG_3592e_zps0cefda14.jpg
This studded heart-shaped purse is a love at the first sight. But when I first saw it at Pull&Bear, it was too expensive (400k) so I didn’t buy it that time. Then I saw a similar one at an online shop but it was a pre-order item. I almost order that one when I saw this baby on sale at Pull & Bear (the price was even cheaper than the similar one at online shop!) so I excitedly took it to the cashier lol. The waiting is totally paid off :3

Head-to-toe details: mini studs headband from Luvely Pink Shop, Forever 21 crochet top, New Look camo jacket, unbranded polished leather skirt, Pull & Bear studded heart shaped purse, Tap Tap watch, assorted bracelets from Popoluca Stuff, sideways cross ring from Needle N’ Thread, tattoo stocking from Luvely Pink Shop, platform boots from Little Shoemaker Shop.

My pic on Gogirl Magazine May Issue! :’)

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