September 27, 2013


I live in Indonesia where there’s neither autumn nor winter but as you can see I love sweater and I’m starting to love layering thingy. That’s why I had no doubt when I took this maroon “sweater-look-a-like” chiffon top to Bershka’s cashier. “It’s maroon, it has leopard print, and the best thing is it’s chiffon so I could layer this with my denim shirt without feeling uncomfy because of the heat!” that’s what I was thinking at the store and yes, I have no regret for buying this babe. It looks so fab in this outfit, doesn’t it? I feel great like what my top said :p

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Head-to-toe details: Blue mirrored lennon glasses from Micrayca Shop, H&M denim shirt, Bershka Great top, faux fur hot pants, Celine Trapeze replica from Call It Couture, midi rings, Jeffrey Campbell platform boots replica.

Anyway, have you guys heard the term “ambivert” (Ms Word and Evernote don’t even recognize it)? This is kinda OOT but I really want to share this :3 I just heard that term few days ago and I was so curious of what that term means. So I googled it and found that ambivert is one of personal tendency types along with extrovert and introvert. I even found that I’m actually an ambivert, based on a quick test I took here. I also quoted some explanations about ambiverted people from which are pretty much describing me xD
“All of my life, I’ve had people (family, friends, and others) tell me different things. Some would say I was an introvert, and others would say that I was an extrovert. To different people I seemed to be DIFFERENT THINGS. Ambiverts sit on the spectrum of social interaction right in between the introverts and extroverts. Ambiverts love spending time with people, but get tired after spending too much time around people. Ambiverts love interacting with people, but in a very purposeful way. Ambiverts need time and space to process things on their own, but they also need people who they can trust to process things with externally. The challenge for ambiverts is finding one thing (or in my case person) to stick with.”
If you’re interested to read more about ambiverts, here’s a good read about the false myths of personal tendency types by Kristen Lamb, a writer :)

Have a good day people!


  1. what a pretty sweater kaa indyyyy!!<3

  2. waouhhh you are so cute *___* and the outfit is perfect

  3. Perfect look (:

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  4. love the whole outfit kak!you look cute ♡

  5. your shorts are too cute!
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