January 20, 2014

My Internship in Girlfriend Magazine

In November 2013 I was recruited by Kak Indri, Senior Editor of Girlfriend Magazine Indonesia as an intern in Fashion Department. I worked for 2 months there and I must say that I gained some precious fashion experiences even though I feel like I didn’t give the most of me (so I didn’t get chances as much as I expected too) because of my insane schedule. I had to be at more than 2 places for work/college/assignment every working day so I couldn’t be at Girlfriend office (which is sooo far from my home) as often as I and they wanted :( But at the end I don’t regret my decision to take this job even tho this job has cost me expensive transportation fee lol. I got to know how a fashion stylist works, how a fashion spread produced, and many more stuffs.. Here I share some BTS pics of 3 fashion spreads that I handled (as stylist assistant) and my works in December 2013 & January 2014 issue :)

January 2014 issue
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I wrote 4 short articles in Post It and Beauty Fix page, styled Fashion Intro and Runway Inspiration page, plus handled 2 fashion spreads as stylist assistant for Girlfriend January issue. I found some misspellings on my articles, I guess those are from the editor. Sorry for that :(

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I also made an appearance in this issue :3 :3 You can see my awkward face and awkward pose in the last page lol

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If you look at one of "Flower Generation" fashion spread pages carefully, you'll notice that the floral crown is made from real flowers! Roxy from 21 Model Management was supposed to wear my DIY floral crown in that session, but my mentor forgot to bring it to the studio. But it was totally not a problem since the make-up artist has so much creativity that she made a new floral crown from fresh flowers which were used as properties for the previous session.

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BTS of “Dissolve Me” fashion spread photo shoot. It’s Tanya from DAMN Inc.

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Look at what I found in "Dissolve Me" photo shoot location. I was really, really desired to bring this fashion bible home with me!! Geez!

Desember 2013 Issue
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As for the previous issue (December 2013 issue), I wrote 2 short articles in Post It and Beauty Fix page and handled a fashion spread photo shoot as stylist assistant.

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“Out and About” fashion spread photo shoot took location at Ancol Ecopark. It’s my first and favorite fashion spread photo shoot with GF! The Ecopark is so large and green plus there were just few visitors beside us (the photo shoot crews) so I felt like the whole park was mine lol. For the last 2 photographs we had to go to the “island” which is located in the middle of the park by a boat FOR FREE (of course XD). Gosh, I wish I’ll have that moment again. It felt just like a vacation to me when we crossed “the river” by that boat! And at the “island” I met this adorable hungry spotted deer which was released from its cage to be photographed with the model. That was my first time seeing endemic animal without being bordered by cage/glass/fences.

I’m now looking forward to do similar job in fashion magazine or fashion events! Hope to meet you my fellow blogfriends in any upcoming events! ;)


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  2. Kakak kerja di majalah gf? gimana carax yaa kaq :)


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