January 21, 2014

Zalora.co.id: Most Organized Online Store w/ Tons of Branded Stuffs & Discounts

I’m sure you guys know this well-known online store. But have you ever shopped at Zalora? If you haven’t, then I suggest you to try it! I guarantee you’ll be thanking me later and you won’t be doubt to buy stuffs from them again. These are why I recommend Zalora to you my beloved fashionable blogfriends:

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1. Zalora.co.id is a perfect place for you to shop conveniently. Their website is so organized! I’d even say that they have the most organized website among the other Indonesia-based online stores. As you can see in the screenshot, you can shop by the product type/color/brand/price or even size! That’s why I don’t need much time to find what I’m looking for in Zalora. In other online stores, it takes hours for me to explore because of their unorganized (or not so organized) website, which is not a convenient way of shopping.

2. Discounts are always there! You can see their sale items by clicking the menu “SALE” at top right. PLUS they ship to all areas in Indonesia FOR FREE! No more “oh I love this but I won’t buy it because the shipping fee is too expensive” drama! (well I know that feeling, it has always been my problem when I lived in Manado)
Oh wait there’s ANOTHER PLUS! They give a free voucher worth Rp. 75.000,- for their news subscriber! Sure you can resist all of those benefits?

3. They have tons of well-known brands such as Guess, Jansport, Puma, Ripcurl, Casio, Airwalk, Marie Claire, Pretty Fit, Skechers, and many more. But I actually fall in love with some stuffs which are sold by the other brands and the not-so-famous-but-got-a-lot-of-pretty-stuffs brand that attracted me the most is Ezra. Here are my favorites stuffs picked from Zalora.co.id:

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credit to Ezra, Elizabeth Bags, Something Borrowed Collection, Juicy Couture, and The Moes for the item pics

Gosh I want those white double strap heels by Ezra so bad but my size is no longer available :(( I guess next time I should check their website more often so I won’t miss anything again! And oh if you don’t want to miss anything from Zalora like I do, simply like their fanpage on Facebook and follow their Twitter account. Have a pleasant shopping at Zalora, everyone!♥♥♥


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