April 15, 2014

Get Your Girly Essentials in CHEAPEST Price at BornPretty (Recommended for Resellers!)

Looking for an online store that sells all the girl stuffs you need in insanely cheap price? Go check bornprettystore.com. They have IT ALL – nail art and beauty essentials, accessories, phone and tablet cases, fashion watches, clothes, stationary, toys, contact lens, hair beauty tools and wigs, and home décor stuffs.

My personal favorite is their watch collection – there are so many choices for many different styles in very, very cheap prices (and so many of them are in sale too!) ♥ I picked a unisex wrist watch that comes in a very casual design yet look elegant and effortlessly cool, which I can wear for any occasions and is easily paired with many different style (which I think is its best quality since I am a very moody self-stylist :p). This babe is made from alloy-steel material, comes in my 3rd favorite metal color after rose gold and gold, which I don’t know what its name is! LOL. I have worn it a couple of times and I must say this babe is sooo fine for a $9.50 wrist watch (around 95-110k in Indonesian Rupiah!!)♥♥

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Head-to-toe details: New Look floral crown, H&M mon petit cheri cropped tee, unbranded white overall, platform boots from Little Shoemaker Shop on Facebook.

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The picture of my watch at BornPretty website

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The real item. It has no difference with the pic provided by BornPretty on their website at all! It comes in a cute & safe packaging :D

You can check their insanely-cheap-but-nice watch collection catalogue here:
women’s watch, wrist watch, bracelet watch, LED watch
(uhyeah they also have a very well-organized webstore which provides us a really convenient shopping experience!)

What makes me love BornPretty more is that THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR FREE! And for Indonesian buyers, don’t worry about the tax. At first I was also so worried about the tax because this is the first time I ordered an international package on my own. But thank God, I got mine in just 2 weeks and the deliverer didn’t charge me a cent! (maybe there will be extra charge by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise for mass purchase, I don’t really understand the regulations.. but as long as your purchase is not that much I’m sure you’ll receive your package safely and smoothly, with no charge).

♥ They got ALL THE GIRL STUFFS YOU NEED in good quality, pretty designs and most importantly they come in very cheap prices!
♥ Discounts are ALWAYS there!
♥ They ship worldwide for free!
♥ Their webstore is so well-organized so we can shop conveniently :D

Oh and for resellers, I got an extra good news for you: they provide wholesale price calculations for every product and they also do DROPSHIP! Yes yes I hear you thanking me, you’re welcome! :p

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Special for my fellow blog readers, you can get 10% OFF at BornPretty by typing the code INMUC10 when you check out ♥♥♥ Happy shopping, babes!