June 7, 2014

Latepost: Bloggers Meet Up!

So 2 months ago I and my blog/instagram fellas met up for the first time at Central Park Mall Jakarta. Ok I know this is a super late update but please just let me show 4 favorite pics of mine taken from our gathering :3 Anyway we had so much fun and we stole everybody's attention that day because we were all dressed in pastel :p There's much to share about our first gathering but I gotta post this one quickly so yeah!

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It was a white shoes madness day by 8/13 of us :'D

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What I wore: New Look daisy hairtie, H&M ID plaque necklace in rose gold, unbranded poplin top, JCLADE long mesh skirt, perspex clutch (with flowery chains that I made by using New Look floral headband), Alexander Wang Agata replica in white.


  1. yayy nice to meet you ci indy!
    see you on the next meet up ;)


  2. Nice to meet you ci indyyyy!! :D
    you look super gorgeous with the skirt dehhh x3

    cheer, michelle

  3. aww I wished I joined this!

    bdw mind following m eback?? :)


  4. cute banget yaampun kalian semua!!<3



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